Code for fun.
Code for the world.
Code for a better tomorrow.
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A spark.
A small wish to change the world.
That’s all it takes to start building a product which might be the next big thing.

Are you a beginner dabbling with ‘Hello World’ lines of code, looking to delve into more? Or are you looking to use your tech prowess to build something for society? HackForTomorrow is the right place for anyone looking to make a difference with tech, be it an amateur learner or an expert coder.

HackForTomorrow (HFT), a week long hackathon held in association with Nest digital, aims to encourage the development of innovative technological solutions for societal issues. The hackathon, held as part of Excel 2021, the techno-managerial symposium of Govt. Model Engineering College, has received over 300 participants for each of its previous editions & has produced some brilliant projects in the past. If you’re looking to tackle the issues we face today with technology, then you’re in the right place!

What’s special about HackForTomorrow?
Ever since the pandemic hit & hackathons went into the online mode, much like everything else, we all missed out on some fun aspects of networking and co-working that happened during offline hackathons! HackForTomorrow looks to bring that back, by providing a co-working space for 50 people at our venue, for the last 24 hours of the hackathon. And, if you’re looking for some old-school in-person co-working with your team at midnight, after filling up on caffeine, you know the place to be at!

So, make use of these exciting opportunities and register for HackForTomorrow!

Why participate

Receive exciting cash prizes from a total prize pool of INR 1,00,000.

Awesome swags & goodies that would show up at your doorstep!

Collaborate & network with some of the best minds across the country.

Build & develop from the comfort of your home, virtually. Hacking at the venue is optional.


  • 29th October
    Registration starts
  • 17th November
    Registration ends
  • 20th November
    Hack week starts
  • 27th - 28th November
    Offline co-working space available
  • 28th November
    Hack week ends


First prize


Second prize


Third prize




Ayush Mishra

Ayush Mishra

Software Engineer at Google London
Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar

Reactjs Specialist, Career Mentor
Adarsh Menon

Adarsh Menon

Software engineer at
Mohit Prateek

Mohit Prateek

CEO, Anakin
Rashmi Bala

Rashmi Bala


Our sponsors

Meet the team

Afnan Navaz

Afnan Navaz

CS Tech Manager
Diya Maria Deepak

Diya Maria Deepak

HFT Organizer
Sandra Jacob

Sandra Jacob

HFT Organizer
Prithvi Chandra

Prithvi Chandra

Social Initiatives Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

All college students, both at the undergraduate & postgraduate level, are eligible to participate.

Participants can join individually or form teams of up to maximum 4 members.

No, there are no specific tracks for the hackathon.

The hackathon is completely free. If you will be joining us offline in the last 24 hours of the hackathon and you want to avail food, there will be a small fee.

  • 1. Originality - Has this project been done before at hackathons in the past? How creative is the project in solving the problem at hand?
  • 2. Completion of the hack - Does the hack work? Did the team achieve everything they wanted?
  • 3. Design - Did the team put thought into the user experience? How well-designed is the interface?
  • 4. Impact on Community - How socially relevant is the hack? How much of an impact will it have on society?
  • 5. Presentation - How clear was the content communicated? How good was the quality of content delivery?
  • 6. Technology - How technically impressive was the hack? Was the technical problem the team tackled difficult? Did it use a particularly clever technique or did it use many different components? Did the technology involved make you go "Wow"?

A video of length less than 3 minutes explaining your hack and the link to your public code repository should be submitted on the Devfolio platform.